Electronic Security

Systems Integration


Technology is now being combined to support a single security goal. Successful integration includes more than just equipment; it requires a proficient design team who can effectively transform a client’s needs into a streamlined one-piece solution.


Integration requires knowledge of how different manufacturers’ technologies successfully interact. It involves the coordination of multiple departments to guarantee that each knows exactly what the expected outcome should be.


Combined Networks Include:

  • Electronic Security
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Access Control / Employee Verification
  • Digital Imaging
  • Video Surveillance
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Security Officers / Guards


Security & Fire Alarm Systems


GSSC can design and install a full line of commercial security systems and fire alarm systems. Our systems can include: Fire (U.L. Listed), Burglary, Duress, Holdup, Panic, Elevator, Carbon Monoxide, Environmental and Medical Emergency Situations.


  • Intrusion Detection
  • Smart Card Systems
  • Remote Programming Services
  • Network Based Systems
  • Single or Multiple Site Monitoring
  • Custom Installation & Service
  • In-House Engineering


GSSC offers the following Security & Fire Alarm System manufacturers:

DSC Honeywell Ademco
GE Silent Knight  


Video Surveillance Design & Integration – Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)


GSSC provides the latest innovative options in video surveillance and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) solutions so clients can monitor and record activity occurring at both local and remote facilities. Activity may be recorded on DVR or VCR for review in the event of an incident.


Modern camera technology now has the ability to record high-quality images in virtually any type of lighting and conditions, so incidents can be monitored and recorded at any facility at all times.


  • Cameras & Lenses
  • High Resolution Video Monitors
  • Computerized Digital Video Recorders
  • Pan-Tilt Zoom Surveillance Cameras
  • LAN/WAN Interface Cameras
  • Wireless & IP Capable Camera System
  • Installation & Service


GSSC offers the following video surveillance manufacturers:


Panasonic Sony Pelco
GE Integral Technologies  


Access Control Systems


The access control systems GSSC designs are fully customizable. We offer equipment to control and track access to buildings and/or certain areas at specified times. The systems also interface with digital imaging software for easy employee verification. GSSC has successfully installed a full range of access control products in a multitude of unique commercial applications.


  • Web Based Customer Reports
  • Video & Alarm Access
  • Nation-Wide
  • Remote Guard Service
  • Audio Monitoring
  • False Alarm Reduction
  • Fully Redundant
  • UL Listed Security Monitoring
  • Security Solutions


Remote Video Monitoring & Guard Tours


The remote video monitoring from GSSC displays live camera images allowing for a fast and accurate assessment of protected site activity.  Systems can be monitored from our Monitoring Center, your company’s security command center or through your desk or laptop computer.


Installation and Service Technicians


Our trained technicians make sure your systems are installed and serviced to the best standards.  We offer custom installations designed by our in-house engineers and 24 hour service and support.


Locksmith Services


We offer a complete line of lock systems and provide custom designs and installations.


Digital Imaging


GSSC’s Photo ID program provides safety and security for employees and clients. The Full color, customized ID cards with company logo promotes a highly professional image for any organization. 


Security and Safety Analysis


Our representatives will visit your home or business to evaluate your security and safety programs. 



Security Officer Services


By utilizing the latest in electronic security protection and highly trained security officers, we are able to enhance the total security program of a facility while reducing costs. The most effective security programs are an integrated blend of both physical security and electronic security tailored to an environment. 




For more information on these great offers or to receive a free security analysis, contact Commercial Security Sales at 952.858.5000 or sales@gssc.net