Life Safety Solutions

GSSC provides the most advanced intrusion detection systems and burglar alarms available on the market.
An intrusion alarm allows us to monitor your facility when you aren’t there, keeping your property, people, and product safe and
secure. Our business burglar alarms combine state of the art technology with advanced monitoring, video systems and
verification to ensure the fastest response times and fewer false alarms.

Fire Alarms/UL Listed

A fire alarm system is a requirement for most commercial properties. At GSSC, our trained fire alarm engineers and installers have the technical experience to make sure your fire system is installed exactly as required, on schedule and within the correct budget estimate. GSSC is the sure way to get your fire plans approved without re-submittals that cause construction delays.


Critical Condition

Every business is unique. That’s why we only offer custom business security solutions. This includes custom critical alerts.
Need to know when there’s a gas leak, temperature change or water damage? GSSC can help.

Multi-Channel Monitoring

Sprinkler/UL Listed

Our certified technicians install and maintain sprinkler systems customized to any facility. Our round-the-clock, UL
approved central station monitoring means that as soon as your sprinklers are enabled, operators notify the authorities
with all the pertinent information about your business.


Mass Notification Systems

Mass notification has the capability to provide real-time information and instructions to all concerned, be it in a building,
an area, or a site using intelligible voice communications along with visible signals, text, personal data accessories and
graphics, and depending on the need, including tactile or other communication methods.
These systems are designed and intended for the protection of life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation
and instructing/alerting all concerned of the necessary and appropriate response and action via high power speaker