Security Solutions


For over 70 years, GSSC has been protecting thousands of commercial organizations like yours throughout the United States. Special features such as ease of use, reliable protection, superior customer service and the fastest response time makes GSSC your go to choice for Electronic Security Intrusion Protection.

Many commercial organizations are focused on preventing burglary and theft. Some businesses must also protect themselves against other problems such as internal theft, employee fraud and the liability of personnel safety. GSSC security consultants design systems that will protect your organization based on your specific security goals.

With a multitude of different packages and designs available, our engineering and technical team will provide the expertise you need to implement a security solution best suited for your particular application. We monitor alarms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from our UL listed Monitoring Centers. We notify authorities of break‐ins, fires, medical conditions and a wide variety of other conditions. In addition, we provide 24-hour service to our clients. Whatever your application, GSSC will provide the very best electronic security intrusion solutions for your organization.

Access Control

GSSC is a leading integrator of premium access control systems that electronically regulate doors and elevators.
Industry‐renowned for product quality and customer support, GSSC’s systems are built on a foundation of versatility,
flexibility, and scalability.

Our team of electronic security consultants are dedicated to designing and building the best in
access control systems that address today’s real‐world security challenges. Access control is a system which enables you
to allow or deny access to specific areas at your facility. Whether utilizing a keypad, card reader, or biometric device,
access control is an effective method of securing your building. From one door at a single location to many doors at
multiple locations, we can ensure a seamless integration that works.


Video Surveillance

GSSC provides high-end video surveillance systems that provide the best and most cost effective and long-term reliable
solutions. Each CCTV system is carefully engineered to the specific needs of each client. GSSC technicians are
experienced in utilizing best practice methods and existing camera and IT infrastructures.

Our core strength is our ability to design and install highly complex solutions for a wide range of applications. These systems protect employees and property, eliminate false liability claims, prevent and deter theft and still stay within your budget.

A priceless advantage in today’s world of security is the ability to use video surveillance to monitor everyday operations.
Using a CCTV system, individuals, companies and organizations can instantly reduce or eliminate the amount of loss they
experience due to theft, both internal and external. Many businesses rely on surveillance systems to monitor their shops,
stores, employees and customers; the effect is an incredible and dramatic reduction in loss, an increase in productivity
and an immediate deterrent to potential wrongdoers.

Cloud Based Systems

Our cloud based video solution allows you to determine the quality, amount of storage and even what cameras are
recorded and who has remote access to view or download your video events. This is video surveillance taken to a whole
new level.


Visitor Management

Perhaps one of the most challenging security issues for companies nationwide is a growing risk surrounding outside
visitors entering your property. For many companies, visitors are an integral element to daily operations and revenue. A
rapidly changing landscape has now made the ability to monitor and manage visitor a number one priority for companies
of all sizes, and from all industries.

GSSC is a leader in providing its clients with meaningful and innovative visitor management solutions. Our solutions are
fully integrated and rooted in today’s most advanced technology. Access control, biometrics, door devices, locking
mechanisms, turnstiles, card readers, video monitoring and more are custom blended to offer the most meaningful
security system to address individual needs and requirements.