What are the main components of an Alarm system?

The components in GSSC’s package consists of a Control Panel, Touch Pad for Arm and Disarm, Motion Sensor (pet immune), three door or window sensors, dialer, 8 hardwired zones (expandable to 48), RF Receiver with 16 wireless zones, Phone Jack and Cord, Power Transformer and Battery Backup.  In addition, a free 6-button Key Fob remote w/status light is included with each new install.

What happens when the alarm goes off?

Immediately after the alarm goes off, our monitoring center calls the home or business.  If someone answers, the center asks for the pass code.  If no answer or not the proper pass code is provided, the monitoring center continues with the dispatch to the authorities, as well as calls to the registered call lists.

Does the alarm reset itself after no intervention?

Your alarm will automatically shut off after a few minutes because the call has been made to the monitoring center.  The system will re-arm itself if there’s been no intervention.

How long does it take to install an alarm system?

Depending upon the type of home, size of the system, hardwired or wireless, most systems are installed the same day.  For very large systems, we can send two people to complete the installation in one day.

How will I be billed?

For the monitoring services, you can be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual via check or credit card.  For the installation, costs are paid up front or half down depending upon the size of the project.

Am I able to pay my bill online?

For online payment consumers can pay directly via Paypal or it can be automatically billed to a credit card.

How long has GSSC been in business?

GSSC began its business operation in 1946 as a family owned business in Minnesota.  Now over 60 years later, the business is still family owned.

How does GSSC keep its rate so low?

GSSC is a family owned business and has but one vice president.  Unlike the national brand companies who have a multitude of vice presidents, GSSC’s overhead is low.  Low overhead means lower rates with few increases over the years.

Is GSSC licensed, bonded and insured?

GSSC meets all the registration requirements for being license and bonded contractor, along with being a fully insured corporation.

Are your employees subjected to background checks?

All GSSC employees and subcontractors go through background checks to work at GSSC.  Consumers can feel confident that GSSC has made all the necessary checks before our professionals can interface with the public or enter a home or business.

Is GSSC equipment a proprietary system or industry compatible system?

Since you own the GSSC system after installation, the system is industry compatible which allow you the consumer to shop your monitoring service after the contracted period.  If you were to choose a non-GSSC system which is proprietary to that company, you will be locked in forever with no recourse except spend more money to make industry compatible.  Most consumers choose the industry compatible method.

Does GSSC charge extra monthly monitoring fees for CO, smoke detection, low-temp, or water bug sensors?

No.  GSSC keeps your rate the same as the original package.  Only the device and installation costs are priced.

How many user codes can the system handle?

Up to 47 additional user codes can be programmed into the system, along with one master code.

Can the system accommodate pets?

Depending upon the pet or size of pet, our motion sensors can be configured with 40, 80 and 100 pound immune settings.  However, if settings cannot accommodate the type of pet, then alternate installation methods can be used or simply switch to other protection devices, like glass break detectors.

What happens if someone rips the keypad off the wall when ARMED?

Since the GSSC system has redundancy features built-in, ripping the keypad off the wall will not stop the system as the smarts is somewhere else in the home. Caution, some systems sold or given away have the keypad, smarts, dialer, battery backup and siren all in the keypad.  This is terribly vulnerable.  GSSC discourages the use of this technology.

Does GSSC provide free, no-obligation estimates before you choose the right solution for your situation?

Yes, GSSC security consultant can and will provide free estimates.  To receive an accurate quotation, on-site security audits are the best method to determine what really is needed.

What about the FREE systems that are nationally advertised?

FREE is never free.  When some security companies offer free systems, either the system is low-end product that they have to give it away in order for people to take it, or they charge heavily on the monthly rate to cover their costs.  After three years of paying for the service, that same high rate continues beyond the initial term.   Often the equipment offered free is the “all-in-one” type where the keypad contains the siren, dialer, smarts and battery backup.  These systems are extremely vulnerable.  What’s more, these free systems are generally sold by security dealers from around the country in the MN market, and then resold to the national brand companies for monitoring purposes.

At GSSC, if free systems are offered during promo periods, the equipment will be top notch equipment, not the “all-in-one” type.  Plus our starting monthly rate will be less than the national brand companies.  In addition, with these types of promos, our rate will be lowered after the initial rate agreement period expires.

What about the benefits of local monitoring vs out-of-state monitoring?

Technology wise, there is no difference between each type.  The true benefits of local monitoring is that the center is stationed in the area, which means the on-site staff is more aware of the weather conditions that are occurring in the region, such as tornadoes, snow storms and other emergencies.  With “out of state” monitoring, say in Kansas, Texas, Utah or Colorado, the staff is totally unaware of adverse weather conditions that may be taking place in the area.  Just as important, local monitoring utilizes the best in Minnesota workers and their work ethics, which GSSC takes great pride in offering to our clients.  Local monitoring also benefits our local economy which keeps GSSC’s rates among the lowest.

What about the security systems sold by door-to-door sales people?

Typically these people represent a company in Utah, but falsely identify themselves with a local name brand. They offer free systems but they charge heavily on the monthly rate to cover their costs.  Their initial agreement period is usually five years. That same high rate continues beyond the initial term. Often the equipment offered free is the “all-in-one” type where the keypad contains the siren, dialer, smarts and battery backup. These systems are extremely vulnerable.    Consumers often don’t know the true expense until after installation and the reps have left the region.

At GSSC (a local company since 1946), if free systems are offered during special promotional periods, the equipment will be top notch equipment, not the “all-in-one” type. Plus our starting monthly rate will be less than the door-to-door offers.  In addition, with these types of promos, our rate will be lowered after the initial rate agreement period expires.

Do I get yard signs and window decals with the installation?

Yes, GSSC provides two yards and several window decals with each system. Depending upon the home and yard, other provisions may be necessary.  If the signs and decals ever get damaged or taken while under agreement, simply call us for replacement.

If I already have a functional system at my location, can GSSC provide monitoring services on my equipment?

Yes, depending upon the manufacturer of the equipment and whether it’s industry-compatible will determine the feasibility of having it monitored by GSSC.  Note, if the current provider has lock-out codes embedded in the system, it could result in additional up-front costs.

If I have VOIP (Voice over Internet Provider) phones or cable phones, will the security system be able to communicate properly with the monitoring center?

When the cable phone service or VOIP phones are connected correctly at the site, which is the demarcation block (typically where land line phones come into the site), then security systems will for the most part be able to receive dial tone to dial out in the event of an emergency.  If the cable phone service is connected to the nearest phone jack next to the router provided by the cable company, your security system is vulnerable to dial tone loss or other unwanted issues with cable phones (see industry whitepaper).

What if I don’t have either land line phones or cable phones, are their systems that can still communicate to the monitoring center?

Yes, GSSC has a communication backup option that uses up to three paths to the monitoring center (radio, cellular and internet) which ever is the fastest at that moment of need.  There is an additional installation cost and monthly service costs for this device.

How much does it cost to have Security Officer Service?

The price varies on the need.  Contact GSSC for pricing and additional information at  sales@gssc.net or 952.858.5000.