General Security Services Corporation (GSSC) opened for business in 1946. We are the largest privately held, full service security company in the Midwest. Years of growth and experience have positioned us as a leader in the security industry. This experience and knowledge provides an advantage to our clients as we work with our clients to provide custom security solutions for your various security programs.


GSSC has had a longstanding, successful relationship providing uniformed armed guard services to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Protective Service (FPS) in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and the Northern Mariana Islands. Our history with the Federal
Government dates back to the late 1960’s.


GSSC also has a long and stellar past service record with the United States Marshals Service (USMS). The company was one of the nation’s largest providers of Court Security Officer (CSO) Services under the USMS. We pioneered court security officers with the USMS in 1984 as a charter member contractor. GSSC has provided Court Security Officers to the USMS in all 50 States and three U.S. Territories.


Probably the most critical Special Service Requirement is realized during times of crisis and emergency. GSSC has been on the front lines numerous times over the past few years when critical events have occurred at our operating locations. We have successfully responded to Special Service needs with diligence beyond the expectations of our client.


One of the most notable instances of this was during the Oklahoma City bombing. Since 1988, we have been the Department of Justice’s Contractor for Federal Court Security there. The court facility, located just feet from the bombsite was fully staffed by our officers whose response to the emergency was immediate and heroic. They maintained the security of their assigned area while also assisting the wounded. They continued to perform countless hours of extra protection for several weeks thereafter, brought on by the Government’s Special Service Requirements. We relied on our reserve force and even brought officers from other areas of the country to assist in meeting (and exceeding) the Special Service needs of the Government.


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