House Arrest

House Arrest is the most basic monitoring service offered by GSSC. House Arrest is simply used to monitor curfews. With this type of system the Referring Agent sets a curfew schedule for the client monitored. The client is then monitored for compliance and adherence to that schedule. All client activity is provided to the Referring Agent on a daily bases. Curfew violations including equipment tampering are reported immediately.

These systems operate with a basic ankle transmitter secured to the client’s leg. The system also includes a receiver/dialer attached to phone service and power in the client’s residence. The ankle transmitter communicates twice per minute via radio frequency. The receiver/dialer will pick up these transmissions if the transmitter is within range. If the receiver/dialer fails to pick up these transmissions it dials out the violation notification to the monitoring center for processing.

House Arrest options:

ProTech Smart RF
BI 9000 Home Escort

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