Quality Control

Efficiency + Quality Assurance = Client Satisfaction

Mission: To provide the most effective quality security services, while progressively enhancing efficiency to ensure client satisfaction.


General Security Services Corporation (GSSC) has adopted Quality Control as an integral portion of its Mission Statement which says in part "We accomplish this (Our Mission) by continually providing people of high integrity, unparalleled service and leading-edge technology for our … clients". We continually revisit our overall approach in an effort to better serve our clients by locating problems and implementing solutions.   We strongly believe there is always room for improvement so this process will only serve to make us a more productive company and able to perform at a higher quality of service for our clients.


In order to meet our goal of providing the highest level of excellence we have assembled a permanent staff of Quality Control Monitors (QCMs) from the corporate office that is able to travel to client locations throughout the country to provide random quality control inspections on a quarterly basis. This team of QCMs has over 84 years of combined experience working with and providing quality control inspections for government and private contracts. QCMs will inspect the management, supervisory staff, officers, operations and compliance with the Contract. They are knowledgeable in all company policies and procedures to ensure that all requirements regarding both management and operational activities are in compliance with the Contract, reported, and properly maintained at the local office for client inspection.


Along with keeping an open line of communication to assure the high standards of our quality control program, we continually inspect our operations through announced and unannounced inspections.   In addition to seeing our own inspectors, our staff is informed that they may also be inspected by any client member that the client may direct.   As part of our inspection process, we routinely meet with the client’s designated representative to determine the level of performance and contract compliance that is expected so we are assured that our personnel are operating up to the expectations of the client.


The Director of Government/Private Operations oversees all quality control aspects of our contracts. The Quality Control Manager and his team will conduct scheduled and unscheduled quality control inspections and report the results to the appropriate Contract Manager and the Director of Government Operations.   Each Contract Manager is required to maintain a system to record and track corrective actions that have been identified through all quality control reviews, audits and other evaluations and submit reports to GSSC Management.


GSSC is committed to providing high quality service and takes great pride in our ability to "Do Things Right – The First Time".   A comprehensive and proactive Quality Control Program is just one of the tools we use to do just that. For more information on our Quality Control Program please feel free to contact our Director of Government Operations or our Quality Control Manager.


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